To all my empty nesters and retirees who are asking themselves, what's next?

Who's ready to explore, learn, make a plan, and experience life without any regrets even if you have no idea what you want to do?!

Discover The 4-Phase System for Creating the Life You Love with this eGuide and Printable Workbook (40+ pages total)!

Next Chapter 4-Phase System Layout

Stepping Into Your Next Chapter:

The 4-Phase System For Creating the Life You Love

is here to help!

The decision you make today to go through this eGuide and Workbook could be just what you need to discover your unique, revitalized life purpose for this new season you've found yourself in!

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Now that you have an open calendar, where do you begin?

It's wonderful to be free of the alarm clock but there is such a thing as too much freedom. What do you do after the novelty has worn off and you're ready to believe your life has value once again? 

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If we haven't met yet...

Hi, I'm Kathy, a retired teacher who found a snazzy new purpose for my life! It took a little while but it was worth the time and thought process I walked through to get there. I love my new calling! You might've guessed it involves writing and technology...a perfect fit for me. And now I want to share it with you. But first here's the story of how that all came about for me...

From Retirement Party to Re-Discovered Life Purpose

The party was fun, full of walks down memory lane, and plans to stay connected. My teaching career in a neighborhood elementary school lasted until I was 62. The big decision to start the retirement process happened in January of my last school year. And, shortly after the last day in June, we all celebrated with a cake that said, "It's been fun but now I'm done!" And, boy was I ever!

But then what? I'd been a teacher involved with an active staff, creative planning, and meaningful committee work. And, now I was done. After taking a chunk of time off to relax and celebrate, I needed to start filling up my days with something! I just didn't know where to start.

I'd been involved in a network marketing company as a side hustle while teaching. After throwing energy, time, and money into that endeavor did not bring the satisfaction I thought it would. Also, at this time people started asking me to volunteer for different reasons and causes. My conscience had me involved in many activities and tasks that didn't fit me but I had the time freedom, right? I kept saying yes because there wasn't any direction or goals for my life at that time.

This semi-satisfying, busy state lasted for several years; keeping other people happy but not so much myself. And, then we moved across the country from Washington state to Central Texas! I found myself with a new (temporary) purpose in life, prepping for the sale of our home, purging keepsakes and all our accumulated things, packing and moving, a very long road trip, and finally setting up and decorating a new home.

Once that stage was complete I was finally ready to pause, take stock, and start considering what I really wanted to do with my life. The time for filling up my days with time-wasting things mostly others chose for me had thankfully come to an end.

That's when I reached the exciting place of determining the new calling for the next chapter of my life! The process started after about six months in our new state. All the practical pieces of my life were in place, including my home, new church, new friends, etc. And, I had time for me. Time to process through re-discovering my purpose, my new purpose for this next chapter in my life.

So, I took that time to check out some things without committing too soon. There were online classes and webinars, books, and observations. I asked lots of questions and checked in with experts. After completing the discovery process I landed on a purpose that excited me and is proving to be a fulfilling pursuit...a lifestyle blogger!

I created "Stepping into Your Next Chapter: The 4-Phase System for Creating the Life You Love!" to help you discover your enriching, unique calling. As you can see, I've been there! It took me quite a while to make my discovery.

Let's shorten that process for you and get you on the road to a peaceful, joyful, contributing next chapter of your life. 💕

If you are in that limbo stage of trying to find 'your thing', let me tell you IT CAN BE DONE and YOU CAN DO IT. Using the eGuide and Workbook I'll guide you through the 4-Phase System and we'll step it out through an organized set of inspirational information and purposeful activities landing you on your very own unique new purpose in life. However...

Maybe these challenges sound familiar...

Lack of Direction

That feeling that you're floundering. Not being able to make a decision...

Control of Your Life

Watching others step in and take the lead in the choices you should be making yourself...

Feeling Lonely

You were once surrounded by co-workers and clients and you 'belonged' to important groups. Now you're on your own...

Now imagine a time when...

You wake up excited to work on the tasks and projects on your to-do list! You brainstorm new plans to help reach dream-fulfilling goals in the near future. You step back and realize you have more peace, joy, and confidence in your 60+ life than you ever thought you could experience!

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How it works:

Step 1- Purchase the eGuide and Workbook through our secure checkout via Stripe!

Next Chapter 4-Phase System Layout

Step 2- After checkout, download the eGuide and Workbook right onto your computer. Plus, you'll get a copy via email.

Step 3- Read through the eGuide on your tablet or computer, print, and complete the workbook pages. Then, you'll be well on your way to the joy, peace, and excitement of your next chapter of life plans!


The 4 Phases Included in the System

Phase 1: Gear-Switching & Reflection

The time has arrived! You've had the retirement party, everyone went back to work on Monday and you got to sleep in. Now what?!

Phase 2: Who am I & Boundaries

A little time has gone by and you're starting to figure out some of the things that are important to you and that you need to learn how to say 'yes' and 'no'.

Phase 3: Experiment & Discovery

The time has come to start experimenting with different activities and to consider what your new life's focus might be.

Phase 4: Prioritize & Committing

Line up your decisions and start living out your next chapter with focus and resolve and joy!

Features Included in Your 4-Phase System

Considerations & Journal Prompts

Questions that will help you move through the process of determining your new life's purpose.

Creative Organizer Activities

Thought organizing actions to help generate and categorize possibilities to determine your calling.

Celebration Poster

Instructions to create a poster for yourself or to share celebrating the new direction for your life!

Motivational Resource Pages

Inspirational quotes and Bible verses to print out and post. Books to purchase and websites to peruse.

As you jump in and begin to discover your unique, revitalized life purpose for this new season you've found yourself in you can...

Say 'Good-bye' to:

  • that feeling of wasting your days
  • a lack of purpose
  • no sense of accomplishment
  • not feeling like you're walking in God's will for your life
  • no real direction

And, Say 'Hello' to:

  • your newfound identity
  • enjoying that feeling of belonging
  • appreciating a fulfilled life
  • experiencing joy, peace, and confidence

Don't hesitate to get started on this exciting process FOR YOU!