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The Real Me

An Interactive Life Journal for Women

in the Next Chapter

Is a 4-Week Life-Enriching E-Book with almost 70 pages of content, tools, & resources.

The Real Me

Have you been searching for your REAL SELF through most of your adult life? How long has it been?

As a 60+ woman of faith are you ready to find out who you REALLY ARE?

The Real Me

An Interactive Life Journal for Women in the Next Chapter

is here to help!

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Walking the Creek

If we haven't met yet...

I'm Kathy, a retired teacher who struggled in my younger years with self-confidence, performance anxiety, and all kinds of insecurities. Junior high was particularly hard for me. But even as an adult it has taken a while to discover my real self and, to be honest, that journey isn't over! The concepts in The Real Me helped a lot and continue renewing my heart and creating the true confidence I need as a woman in my next chapter. I believe they'll make a difference in your life as well.

Maybe these challenges sound familiar to you...

Not Feeling Like You Belong

That feeling that you're the only one who doesn't fit in where you want to fit in...

Continually Comparing

Noticing that what you've got or how you look or where you are is 'less' than others...

Insecurities from Aging

You have 'gramma arms', sagging everything, money concerns, etc., etc...

Now imagine a time when...

Your walk with the Lord is strong and relevant and personal. Your heart knows you belong to Him and are a part of His family. Comparing and insecurities don't make sense because your life, identity, strengths, and weaknesses are now in Him!

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How it works:

Step 1- Purchase the Journal E-Book through our secure checkout via Stripe!

The Real Me

Step 2- After checkout, download the Journal right onto your computer. You'll also get a copy via email with more encouragement and support.

Step 3- Preview the Journal on your tablet or computer, then print it out in its entirety to read and complete the Journal content and tools. Over the next 4 weeks, you'll be well on your way to the confidence, joy, and peace of knowing your true identity and living your life in a new reality of grace, and trust, and love!


4 Weeks of Content in The Real Me

Week 1: Who He is: Getting to Know God the Father

Finding out some cool facts about our loving Father in heaven. Some attributes of God the Father as well as Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Week 2: Who I am...A Child of God

Discovering our biblical identity and all that means. Realizing we are daughters of the King of the Universe. Yikes!

Week 3: All the Benefits

Opening the vault and checking out allll the gifts, promises, and benefits available to us as children of God.

Week 4: The Real Me in Real Life

Putting all the pieces together to lay out plans for living out our new (or renewed) identity. Living the Real Life of the Real Me.

Features Included in The Real Me Journal

Weekly Content

Biblical perspectives on each of the 4 weeks' themes.

Journal Responses and Thoughts

Thought-provoking questions to help process the content into personally meaningful learning.

Weekly Challenges

Quick tasks that run for a week and are related to the weekly content.

Prayer Request & Answer Forms

Space to record requests as well as answers that come to mind for personal issues and others.

Questions Smart People Ask First

Is this a physical book/workbook or will I be printing it out for myself?

Once you purchase The Real Me Journal it will be immediately downloadable for your to print for yourself. I offer some suggestions on how you might want to make it work for you.

Do I have to be a 60+ Christian woman to be helped by The Real Me Journal?

No, you don't! The biblical truths covered will encourage and renew your belief in who you really are no matter what your age. And, if you're not a believer yet and want to become one, there's a quick form explaining that life-changing next step for you.

After the time runs out can I still purchase this product?

Absolutely, you'll just have to pay full price (which is still very reasonable).

Can I return the product if I'm not satisfied?

I'm sorry but all sales are final since this is a digital product. I am more than happy to help with most technical issues and any questions or concerns you have about the content or tools.

Once you process through these 4-weeks of content and contemplation you'll experience 'the real you' and you can...

Say 'Good-bye' to:

  • that feeling that you don't belong
  • the comparison game
  • not feeling a sense of satisfaction or contentment
  • a lack of feeling loved or accepted
  • continuing to wonder who you are

And, Say 'Hello' to:

  • learning the absolute truth about who you are
  • enjoying that feeling of belonging
  • appreciating a fulfilled and meaningful life
  • experiencing joy, peace, and confidence
  • gaining new healthy habits for continued spiritual growth

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The decision you make today to go through this 4-week devotional journal could be just what you need to discover your true identity in the Lord...The REAL You. 💕